Autumn is here!

The farm is getting into the swing of Autumn with so many wonderful greens and veggies in abundance. We are seeing a regular supply of many of the favourites including Cos, salad mix, Bok Choi, Silverbeet and Rainbow Chard. 

Our corn has finished for the time being, so we shuffled them out to make way for a longer term crop.....STRAWBERRIES!!!!

We are really super excited about these. An expert friend and mentor who is an Organic Strawberry Farmer is helping us to understand the intricacies of growing these little gems, making sure they get all the organic goodness they need to thrive and flush with abundance and flavour. 

One of the best things about this, is that previously, we haven't been able to supply our farm box subscribers with strawberries in the boxes because they have been so very expensive for us to buy in. Hopefully if we can continue to work in harmony with Mother Nature, she will provide, and then we can too!!! Stay tuned!

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