Plastic Packaging out of control

Supermarket packaging is now out of control

I love the headline of this article, it perfect sums up the absurdity of society, "out of control".

We are banning single use plastic bags, so what does the big duopoly go and do? Increase the amount of pre packaged fruit and veg. You've all seen it. Bananas shrink wrapped, apples, avocados, I could go on for pages!!

COLES and Woolies are saying they are "making our lives super easy with readymade meals and handy deals on fruit and veg"...... But it comes with a cost.

The sad fact is that we also see this at farmers markets and organic stores..... Even we really struggle with making decisions on how to best pack things. We are currently looking into degradable spinach bags to reduce our impact, we used to wrap pumpkin in cling wrap but now we just leave it unwrapped. Our course all this takes a community to work through. 

Have some ideas on how we can minimise our footprint even more? Get in touch!!! Oh and remember banning the single use bag is a first step in reducing our waste!!! 

Here's the articles below from Greenpeace. 

Be sure to read them and consider donating even just $5 to help out Greenpeace in their efforts to rid the supermarket of craziness! 

And here's another with a little more of the psychology behind it


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