$97 Mixed - BIG Families Box - Organic Fruit & Veg

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The BIG Family box

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In the box this week:


Status Product Weight/Units
Certified Organic Avocado 2
Certified Organic Asparagus 1
High Mineral Chemical Free Apples  1000
Local Spray Free Bananas 1000
Certified Organic Cabbage Green 1/2
Certified Organic Carrots Medium 500
Certified Organic Cucumber 350
Local Spray/Chem Free Eggplant 500
Certified Organic Kale 1
Local Spray Free Mushrooms 200
Certified Organic Brown Onions 500
Certified Organic Orange 600
Organic Harvest Farm Potato  1000
Certified Organic Pumpkin 2000
Certified Organic Rockmelon 1/2
Organic Harvest Farm Spinach Baby Leaf 120
Local Spray/Chem Free Sweet Potato Gold 600
Organic Harvest Farm Daikon Radish 1
Certified Organic Zucchini 500

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