$45 Mixed - Single's Box - Organic Fruit & Veg

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The Goldilocks of fruit and veg with just the right amount of fruit & veg for one person for a week

All weights indicated are estimated/averages.

Status Product Grams/Unit
High Mineral Chemical Free Apples  500
Local Spray Free Bananas 500
Certified Organic Broccoli 1 head
Certified Organic Cauliflower Half
Certified Organic Carrots Medium 350
Organic Harvest Farm Cos Lettuce 1
Local Spray Free Lemons each 2
Local Spray Free Limes each 2
Local Spray Free Mushrooms 200
Local Spray Free Pineapple Half
Certified Organic Pumpkin 1kg est
Organic Harvest Farm Spinach Baby Leaf 120
Certified Organic Tomatoes 250
Certified Organic Zucchini 300

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