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Bananas - Certified Organic

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Certified Organic*

Certified Organic delicious and yummy Bananas. Bananas have a thick signature-yellow peel when ripe, encasing their soft, cream-colored, semi-starchy flesh. Their flavour can vary, having hints of lemon custard to sweet and creamy, as they ripen. Commonly eaten raw when ripe, Bananas can also be cooked, blended into smoothies, grilled or dried/dehydrated when they're still green or ripe. Great on their own, they are also excellent to combine with cereal, yogurt or mixed in a delicious smoothie.


Bananas are available throughout the year however can be impacted by large amounts of rain can impact on availability as high rainfall damages the plant.


Full of potassium, vitamin B6 (banana is the best fruit source of B6) and C and magnesium. Bananas are a healthy option to intake natural sugar and have an extremely efficient and sustainable source of energy. They are a Low GI fruit with a good serving of antioxidants and fibre.

Despite their firm texture, bananas are composed of 75% water.


When choosing a banana, always look for a firm fruit without dark spots or abrasions on the peel.

Depending on when you want to eat them, you can choose more or less ripe Bananas. Green bananas are not ripe yet. Buy them green if you want maximum storage life. Ripe bananas are yellow. The more the banana's adult colour appears on the peel, the riper it is.

Brown-spotted bananas are the sweetest. As the small brown spots grow on the peel, the fruit inside ripens even further. When the peel shows more brown or black than yellow, the fruit is over-ripe.

If the Banana has a grey tint and look dull in colour. This is a sign that the banana was refrigerated, which interferes with proper ripening.

Let your Bananas Free! Remove them from plastic produce bags as soon as you get them home.

Bananas don't care for the cold of a fridge, so store them at room temperature where they'll continue to ripen gradually.

If you want to slow the ripening process, just cover the stalk with cling-film/plastic wrap or tin foil – the stalk is where the ethylene that ripens bananas is released. Covering it will decrease the amount of this gas released and therefore keep bananas fresher for longer.



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