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Yummy Spray Free Juicing Oranges from Gayndah! By its own or combined, Juicing Oranges have the greatest sweet-citric flesh covered by a thick peel and they're packed with nutrients.

Get the best of your Juicing Oranges by squeezing or reaming them. No additional ingredients are needed to enjoy a perfect Orange Juice, however, you can make delicious combinations though.

Your best bet is to obtain the fruit as soon as possible after it has been harvested. Locally harvested produce offer fresher citrus fruits due to the fact that are delivered straight from the harvest.

Oranges are available throughout the year however they are in their most abundant during citrus season from May – November with winter being their peak. Valencias are available during summer months November – February.

A delicious and fun way to add nutrients to a healthy diet, such as vitamins C and A, folate, potassium, fibre, proteins, copper, magnesium, flavonoids. Orange juice may also help decrease markers of inflammation, which could reduce the risk of chronic disease.   


Always look for a firm fruit, heavy for size with smooth skin and free of soft spots.

Keep in mind that properly ripened fruit will keep longer. Ripened fruit will have very bright and vibrant colours. A fully ripened citrus fruit will have reached the fullness of its colour. Dull looking fruit can indicate over ripeness and oranges with an abundance of greenish skin can mean that the fruit is under ripened.

Storage your delicious Oranges on your bench top if your plan is to have them within a few days, they'll be fine for one to two weeks.

If your plan is to enjoy them later, you can put them in your fridge, loosely in the crisper drawer or in a breathable bag. They can be there for about four weeks.

Make sure to maintain good airflow for your Oranges, avoid warm spaces or direct sunlight and keep them dry, you don't want them to get mouldy.


Get a yummy and nutritious 3 in 1 juice by combining our Juicing Oranges, Juicing Carrots and Beetroot! You could also add some of our amazing ginger for an extra bit of zing!



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