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Deliciously sweet Spray Free Oranges from Gayndah! Oranges are characterised for their thick orange and aromatic rind and its gorgeous sweet-citric flesh, although sweet is not always the case, some are too sour and citric as well. Oranges are not only consumed raw or in juice, there are lots of different options and combinations for oranges, such as cakes, adding to cooking, salads, smoothies, mixed with chocolate, and so on.   

Your best bet is to obtain the fruit as soon as possible after it has been harvested. Locally harvested produce tend to offer fresher citrus fruits due to the fact that they are delivered straight from the harvest.


Oranges are at their peak between June and September. Valencias are available during summer months November – February.


Packed with Vitamin C; oranges also contain flavonoids, folate, fibre and antioxidants responsible for boosting the immune system.


Always look for a firm fruit, heavy for size with smooth skin and free of soft spots.

Keep in mind that properly ripened fruit will keep longer. Ripened fruit will have very bright and vibrant colours. A fully ripened citrus fruit will have reached the fullness of its colour. Dull looking fruit can indicate over ripeness and oranges with an abundance of greenish skin can mean that the fruit is under ripened.

Storage your delicious Oranges in your bench top if your plan is to have them within a few days, they'll be fine for one to two weeks.

If your plan is to enjoy them later, you can put them in your fridge, loosely in the crispy drawer or in a breathable bag. They can be there for about four weeks.

Make sure to maintain good airflow for your oranges, avoid warm spaces or direct sunlight and keep them dry, you don't want them to get mouldy.



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