Organic Sourdough Bread & Farm Fresh Eggs

Wholewheat Sourdough Loaf - Certified Organic.

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***Orders for bread must be placed by 10am Wednesdays***

Baked fresh Friday morning by the team at The Bread Eaters Association, just in time for delivery to your door Friday afternoon with your organic farm box. 

The Organic Wholewheat Sourdough Loaf is a favourite in many households, and we are sure you'll love it.

Each loaf is made by hand and is the final product of a slow and wild fermentation. Australian Organic Whole grains are freshly milled in house and mixes with the sourdough culture, water and salt. 

These products contain no bakers yeast, bread improver, enzymes or preservatives, are vegan and tummy friendly. Please note that these are made in a kitchen that uses nuts and seeds including sesame, walnut, sunflower, flax among others. 

Ingredients - 800gm loaf

Ingredients: *Wholewheat flour, *white bakers flour, Water, *wholewheat Sourdough culture (from *wholewheat flour, water and wild yeast), salt

*denotes organic ingredients

Add one to your weekly or fortnightly order today. Please note these are not available to customers without an organic farm box delivery. Feel free to check out our range of curated seasonal boxes to see if you would like some seasonal organic produce delivered to your door each week. 



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