How it Works

Good Harvest is a new way of ordering and eating local organic food. When you 'subscribe' to a weekly or fortnightly Organic Farm box, it means that we can know exactly what to plant and grow for you. It helps us plan and make the most out of the farm, and means you don't need to worry about buying fruit and veg each week.

Quite simply, we grow it, we pick it, and we deliver it - to your door, each week or fortnight. 

Please read on below for more information about how it all works:

Do I have to order each week?

We want to make sure that you are getting the right amount of fruit and veg you need as often as you need it! The frequency of the order can be either weekly or fortnightly. You can choose to do that when you are on the product page at the bottom. When you subscribe, you get access to our special Weekly Farm Boxes, which list what we put in the box. These lists are updated weekly. (see below for a note on changes)

If you just want a once off delivery of fruit and veg, you can order our Welcome Box. This box is especially designed to give you an idea of all the amazing produce we grow and collect from local organic farms. 

Can I cancel anytime?

When you subscribe to an Organic Farm Box, it is for an ongoing subscription. If you wish to cancel your subscription, please call us on 0447 415 993 to let us know. 

When do I know what is in the box each week?

We like our customers to know what they are likely to receive in the box so we will email you the weekly lists on a Thursday. This gives plenty of time to do all your meal planning for the week ahead, or drop into the shop over the weekend to get any extras.

How do I make changes to what is in the box each week?

If there is something that you don’t like to receive that is on the list, or foods that you altogether do not want, please let us know via reply email so we can make sure that you are only getting the things you love! we ask that when you let us know what you don't want, you suggest what you do want as extra. We develop our lists based on what is available, so anything that gets taken out can usually only be replaced by an extra amount of what is in the box already.

How do I order extras each week?

You can add on extras by adding them when you first order. You can also place a new order online at any time prior to delivery each week.

I’m going on holidays – can I put my box on hold?

Of course! Just call us or email us anytime.

I am not home on my delivery day – what should I do?

We like to make sure things stay fresh and that your fruit and veg arrives in the best possible condition. If you aren’t home that’s ok, we will leave it somewhere in the cool/shade or wherever you let us know to leave it. As we move into summer we will be revising our delivery schedule so that we are delivering later in the day and early in the morning to keep things cool.

Can I change my delivery day?

Our deliveries are made on a Monday and Tuesday as this is what fits in with our farm schedule and the local farmers we work with. If you really need it on a different day, please get in touch and we will see if we can make it work. 

When will my payment be debited each week?

Payments are generally debited on the evening prior to the delivery day. If you do not have enough available funds and the payment is declined, the system will try again the following night. 

I want to tell my friend about you, is there any incentives for doing that?

Yes! Tell your friends and family to order online using the following code for $10 off their first order: Harvest Friends

Can I return my old box?

YES!! We totally need your old box back each week so just leave it out and we will collect it! This helps us in many ways and saves creating extra waste :)

Need anything else? Call us on 0447 415 993 or email us



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