Managing Payments and order processing times

Orders close 5pm Wednesday for delivery Fridays.

If you already have an existing subscription order and are due for a delivery, your order will automatically process around 7pm Wednesday evening.

It is important that all changes and swaps are requested by 5pm on Wednesday to be applied to your account in time. 

Order payment processing failure

Our process for when the payment fails for our subscription orders is: 

  • Importantly, we will still deliver Friday. We work on the assumption that you need some fruit and veg and wouldn't want you to miss out just because of a payment issue!
If you don't wish to get the box you must login to skip the order. 
The system will auto attempt the payment each night for four nights, after which your account will be paused and you will be required to make payment for the delivery received and update info before your next order.
Card issues
If you need to update your credit card, login to your customer account online and update your card info so the payment goes through.