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Michael Farrar & Emma Worthington

Growing method: Organic
Location: Mt Mellum, Sunshine Coast
Produce: Ginger, Turmeric, Galangal
About: Michael is currently undergoing an honours project as part of his University studies, looking into the history, science and application of 'bio-char'. This method of smouldering agricultural waste to then be used as a soil enhancement, is believed to have been used by ancient Amazonian tribes. Soil known as 'terra pretta' meaning "black earth" in Portuguese was created by adding the bio-char to existing earth. Michael has been experimenting on the farm by creating his own bio-char by smouldering a mixture of chicken droppings and barley straw. He is following research being undertaken into the possible use of the energy which is created during this process to produce heat for buildings in rural areas. Michael's research hopes to show that the process of creating (and using) bio-char can be easy and affordable for farmers like himself and Emma on small holdings, using materials already available.

Luke Watson

Growing method: Biodynamic, Organic
Location: Mary Valley, Sunshine Coast
Produce: Garlic, Chilli
About: This farm is situated near Amamore in the Mary Valley. The garlic is truly perfect, clean and tasty. Luke has established his farm on authentic biodynamic organic principles - he holistically farms completely chemical and pesticide-free, designed open heirloom (that means non hybrid or gmo seed folks) polyculture landscape. He grows a variety of produce including chillies and black garlic too. Luke is establishing a second farm and will be under an organic certifying body. And, 10 percent of the farm's profits are donated to support community projects.

Ray & Merilyn Clark (The Clarks Farm)

Growing method: Chemical Free
Location: Woombye, Sunshine Coast
Produce: Eggplant, pineapple, kale, pumpkin, herbs, broccoli, cauliflower, chilli, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, limes, cabbage, pumpkin and sweet potatoes
About: Merilyn and Ray have been experimenting with new sustainable techniques on their farm, such as using sheets of re-usable plastic for weed control rather than chemicals or weeding by hand. They feel that they now produce better quality food and they are happy not to have to breathe poisons and chemicals as they once did when farming conventionally. They have a sense of overall goodness from having a chemical spray free, sustainable farm and to producing healthy food that their customers are happy to eat.

Tony & Mandy (Double Creek Farm)

Growing method: Organic (in conversion)
Location: Double Creek, Imbil
Produce: Truss tomatoes, heirloom cherry tomato varieties and cucumbers.
About: Tony and his wife Mandy live on Double Creek farm so named because it is situated between 2 creeks in the Mary Valley. Double Creek Farm is on the cutting edge of organic farming. Using his experience as an engineer Tony has developed a semi automated green house system so sophisticated that it would rival some of the biggest growers in Australia. Grown in hand-packed organic grow pots this style of farming is not your traditional green house production. Tony’s greenhouses control temperature, humidity, disease, nutrient and water. Even the roof is automated in that depending which way the wind is blowing will depend on how the roof angle closes. Many farmers in Queensland have to stop producing in summer or risk losing crops from extreme heat waves. But Tony's greenhouse is fitted with a fog system, which allows the inside temperature to be a consistent 22-26 degrees even when temperatures soar to 35+ outside. Amazing technology and great to see that he is doing it all organically. Tony and Mandy pride themselves on producing the best, juiciest tastiest tomatoes and cucumbers in the valley. Double Creek has an application in with OFC certification.

Dennis Angelino

Growing method: Chemical Free
Location: Stanthorpe
Produce: Apples, pears, nectarines, peaches and plums
About: The harvests from the 50-year-old trees are just a small part of Denis Angelino’s Stanthorpe orchard where he also grows old varieties of stonefruit. Denis is proud to be where he is at today with his farm and feels that the hard work at pruning time, and the time he spends hand-spraying his trees and soil with natural nutrients from kelp, molasses and other sources all pays off when he gets to see people enjoying a great piece of fruit at the end of the day.

Tammy & Dave Litzow (Black Crow Organic)

Growing method: Certified Organic
Location: Tenthill (near Gatton)
Produce: Potatoes, pumpkins, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, capsicum, watermelon and rockmelon
About: Black Crow have lots of weeds, grubs and, worms! But somehow - without the use of pesticides, or artificial fertilizers - but with a lot of hand weeding, and banging bricks together to kill the grubs (the ones the crows don’t eat), lots of mulching and hard work, they manage to have brilliantly healthy soil with big worms throughout, as well as generate a lot of authentic organic produce. View Website

Neil & Tania Richards

Growing method: Chemical Free
Location: Gayndah (west of Maryborough)
Produce: Oranges, Ruby Grapefruit (Pink Flesh), Marshes Grapefruit (Yellow Flesh), Lemons and Lemonades
About: We have been sourcing citrus from this farm for over 4 years now and are never disappointed. Neil and Tanya Richards took over the farm from the evergreen Eric in 2011. The farm itself has been chemical free for over 20 years. Neil is wonderfully passionate about his orchard and says this is one of the best years in a while. Neil and Tania are keen to grow a healthy product rather than aiming for perfect looking fruit. They find it fantastic to be involved with the local food movement as this is the way of the future for them and it’s satisfying to sell their fruit knowing the health benefits for everyone.

Russell and Mariann Pitt

Growing method: Certified Organic
Location: north of Bundaberg
Produce: Tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant, sweet potatoes, chilli, melons, pumpkin, basil, sugar snap peas, zucchinis, squash, cabbage, broccoli, passionfruit, corn, chokos and asian leafy greens
About: Russell and Maryanne Pitt’s farm has been owned by Maryanne’s family since 1947. They run the farm with the help of their children, Carly and Nathan. Originally they used conventional farming methods but they always wanted to get away from using chemicals and the associated impacts on people and the environment. They have found that they don’t need the strong chemicals or poisons, which actually create a lot of problems on the farm. They have their own eco-system within the farm where a good balance of predators controls pests through natural methods. 

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