$68 Big Family Veggie Box

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Big Family Veggie Box

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In the box this week:

All weights are estimated/averages

Status Product Amount
Certified Organic Beans (kg) 0.2
Certified Organic Carrots (kg) 0.5
Local Spray Free Capsicum Green each 1
Certified Organic Corn each 2
Certified Organic Cucumber (kg) 0.35
Local Spray/Chem Free Eggplant (kg) 0.5
Organic Harvest Farm Kale bunch 1
Local Spray Free Mushrooms (kg) 0.18
Certified Organic Onions (kg) 0.25
Local Spray Free Pumpkin (kg) 2
Certified Organic Mixed Salad (kg) 0.12
Harvest Farmed Organic Silverbeet bunch 1
Certified Organic Baby Spinach (kg) 0.12
Local Spray/Chem Free Sweet Potato (kg) 1
Certified Organic Tomato Punnet each 1
Certified Organic Zucchini (kg) 0.5

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