Smooth Jamu Turmeric Tonic Concentrate

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500ml concentrate bottle

Smooth Jamu is a traditional health tonic made in small batches from organic turmeric and ginger, grown on the Sunshine Coast and brewed with spices, tamarind, and a twist of lime.

The main compound of turmeric is curcumin and with pepper added the two ingredients make a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant combination.
Our Jamu is packed full of curcumin, gingerol and aromatic spices with their healing qualities.

Jamu means “medicinal plants for healing” in ancient Javanese language. Indonesian people have been using herbs and spices for generations. Smooth Jamu has been made with turmeric and ginger and aromatic spices reminiscent of the family Jamu recipes from the Islands of Indonesia.

How to prepare:  

  • Great Sports recovery drink after a workout for speeding muscle recovery. Try 90 ml of Smooth Jamu with 40ml of pineapple juice added to 120ml of coconut water
  • Jamu Tea; Try 50-100ml of Smooth Jamu with hot water and honey. A great winter warmer.
  • Add 90mls of Smooth Jamu to Coconut water
  • Add 90mls of Smooth Jamu with 15 ml of Fresh lime added to a glass of Soda water and Ice
  • 50-100 ml every day, neat every day
  • Try adding to a refreshing evening alcoholic beverage or cocktail.


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