April Seasonal Update

April Seasonal Update

Mar 31, 2023

I say it every year, but it's is still true - Autumn feels late! We've still been experiencing 30plus degree days which is causing a lot of challenges for produce supply :( 

The real fact is that the Autumn equinox only occurred last week, so the timing of the seasons makes a bit more sense in that respect. Now that things will start to cool down, we can expect to see a whole lot of produce become available, both from our farm and our network of growers! 

On our farms

The late run of hot hot days caused some issues for seedling germination, as well as transplanting survival rate. Our seeds have literally been boiling in their trays. This means that we will have a gap in supply on a number of items in about 6 or so weeks :( Fortunately we work with some other amazing farms and will have this covered :)

In the meantime the team have been planting a LOT - broccoli, potatoes, leafy greens and more. We are harvesting, although the range is limited and includes salad mix (at times this has been heat affected), new season rocket!, ginger, eggplant, capsicum, oregano, thyme, coriander, head lettuce, parsley, habarneros, and some cucumber (although largely this is finished from our farm for a while). 

We are still waiting on a patch of watermelon to harvest, and enjoyed our basil - although it was short lived and we lost a lot due to heat. Overall April will be similar as we wait for the big harvests of leafy greens and brassicas in early May. 


It finally feels like supply issues are easing, and we are starting to see decent supply of broccoli, some celery coming though, and also some cauliflower from south. There may be a gap in supply as we switch seasonal regions in April to the Lockyer Valley, although once they are in full swing I expect there will be a decent supply of all the favourites this year. 

Other Autumn favourites include a good supply of pumpkin, potatoes, onions, sweet potato and even some yummy yellow squash. Zucchini is still readily available and we are getting some great capsicums through from our farm and our friends down south. 

Tomatoes have been a bit hit and miss. Local production from Noosa Reds was severely impacted by the heat, so we have been enjoying a good supply of cherry tomatoes instead. This may be intermitted in supply and quality until Peter can be up and producing again when the weather eases. Corn has been amazing although now slowing in supply, and beans have been a yummy feature on the dinner table :) 

We're hopeful that the supply of Leeks will be more consistent over April, and that this short blip in cucumber availability will be eased soon.  Leafy greens are a little inconsistent due to weather, but over April again this should ease - TBA on Kale, it has had a rough couple of years :( Here's hoping ours takes off this year! 


This time of year is tough on the fruit supply. Mangoes and stonefruit have all finished (although some plums are around here and there). Grapes are holding on but these will finish shortly. 

New Season apples have been tasty and crisp however oranges have been limited and not coping with the heat. Pears have also been firm and tasty :) Both of these should continue over April. 

April will see hopefully the start of our local citrus season which means...Mandarins!! and other citrus goodness from Gayndah. Hoorah! 

Here's hoping April sees Papaya back in stock soon. 

Finally, Bananas, the humble little staple, it's had a hard time with the weather and ripening issues, but still just as yummy as ever.