Managing your upcoming orders

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The best way to get the most out of your Good Harvest experience is to set up a weekly or fortnightly subscription.

You can subscribe and save 10% on the Build Your Own Box and Seasonal Boxes.

Once you've set up the initial order, you can make changes as needed, skip orders, add and remove products and more.

You'll make all changes to upcoming orders via the Customer Portal.

You can login to the portal via the sign in link top right of the website, or clicking here: SIGN IN

Orders process either a Tuesday or Wednesday evening around 7pm for delivery /pick up Thursday or Friday depending your area.

You can expect to receive an email from us Upcoming Order Notification before your order is due to process.

Be sure to use this email to view any weekly produce updates, as well as link through to your customer portal to make any necessary changes to your upcoming order.

You can also access the Seasonal Box Swaps Request Forms via that email and view the weekly list of whats in the Seasonal Boxes.

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How to edit next order date

How to cancel subscriptions product/s

How to edit product quantity

How to login

Resolving login issues

How to update credit card info

How to contact us

How to update address/email or phone

How to apply a discount to a subscription order

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