August Seasonal Update

August Seasonal Update

Aug 01, 2023

This month its all about winter veg.....think roasting, warming soups and root veg to brighten up your winter salad. Its also still very much about all things citrus for our morning juice fix! 

On our farms

We have started harvesting our first patch of potatoes this month - hooraayyyy!

Mick loves growing potatoes because a) they're so yummy and b) they're so much fun to grow and harvest (pictured below). 

We encourage everyone to try and grow potatoes at home too, the kids will love it! You can grow them easily in a potato bag on the deck/balcony and then harvest direct from the bag. Our friends at Green Harvest have all the potato growing tips for home gardeners.

Other fun things happening on our farm include:

  • hosting over 200 kids from a local primary school for some fun tours and interactive farm time 
  • Getting ready for ginger planting in a couple of weeks
  • harvesting lots of veg such as:
    • baby spinach
    • rocket
    • salad
    • silverbeet
    • kale
    • lettuces
    • coriander
    • dill
    • celery
    • carrot bunches
    • broccoli
    • cabbages
    • ginger
    • turmeric

Yay for organic local veg! 


How good are the yummy little Mandarins for lunchboxes! We're enjoying these as well as oranges from Gayndah too. Blood oranges have all but finished for the year so we bid these a sad goodbye. Papaya seems to be readily available for our winter breakfast treat!

We've started seeing the peak of local Strawberry season which is exciting! Pears are now mostly finished until late in the year but Apples continue to be available. Varieties we're enjoying include Pink Lady, Galas and some great Granny Smiths. 

Some intermittent supply of Watermelon at the start of the month though likely short lived until November when things warm up again. Blueberries are available however limited and very expensive. Bananas seem to be in good supply and hopefully over their ripening issues of late. 


Wow this year has been epic for abundance of veggies! We're seeing volumes that we haven't seen since 2019 thanks so a lack of flooding and consistent demand (no covid lockdowns etc). 

We're enjoying (and trust me its a big list!): Silverbeet, Kale, Choi, and LOTS of Salad! 

Rocket and Spinach are coming along well from our farm, along with some yummy Cabbages, Broccoli and Celery both from our farm and from our friends in the Lockyer Valley. Carrots are our ever faithful consistent little friend, and Pumpkin is in good supply too! 

Cauliflower were abundant briefly but taking a short break until the new patch comes through hopefully mid - late August before it gets too hot. Beans and Zucchini are consistent and tasty as well as some Sweet Corn (although limited and likely to be unavailable as the month progresses). 

Tomatoes are back from Noosa Reds and are super tasty!!!! Cucumber, Capsicum and Eggplant should hopefully come down in price and increase in volume as things warm up again. Beetroot, Sweet Potatoes and our fave Potatoes are all super abundant in winter time and we are certainly enjoying these as much as possible!

Of course if you have any questions about seasonal availability simply shoot us a message or ask our team at market :) 

Thanks for supporting your local farmers!