February Seasonal Update

February Seasonal Update

Jan 29, 2024

Be sure to read our precious post all about the impacts of the heatwaves on seasonal availability too. 

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🍇 Fruit 🍐

The good news is Grapes are super tasty and abundant! We are getting a delivery of new season biodynamic Pears from our friend Denis at Stanthorpe this week! They'll be a WBC Pear, so typically stay firmer in texture, and taste amazing in salads too! New season Apples should start to come through soon too!

Oranges have been in supply from our friends down south and they have been super juicy! Once again remember to store these in the fridge. 

Blueberries have finished up for the season :( We have loved working direct with Hampton Blue and have been so grateful for their amazing supply this season!

Stonefruit and Mangoes have also finished :( interestingly there are so few organic stonefruit growers these days, their season is short and supply certainly doesn't meet demand. If you got your hands on some juicy peaches and nectarines you were certainly lucky! There are still a few Plums around for a little while longer though!!

Papaya is limited due to weather impacts, and we will see what effects this cyclone will have on supply of our Papaya and also Bananas. I believe it hasn't been as bad as initially expected so fingers crossed! 

🥑 Veggies 🌽

Every month I question whether to talk about Avocados in the fruit or veg section 😃 regardless of which category they end up in, they have been pretty tasty this last month. This week we had some Reed avo's come to us so I'm just waiting on mine to ripen to see how they taste :)

Just a reminder, we often get these shortly after harvest so they can take a week to ripen. It's good to get into a week ahead routine and keep up consistent supply for your fruit bowl so you've always go avocado on hand. Do be sure to keep an eye on them especially in this heat though as they can turn quickly! 

Brassicas such as Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbages are intermittent in supply, or in some cases not available. Seasonal fluctuations in supply and price are typical at this time of year for these usual winter veg. 

Beans and Eggplant have been in good supply although this may change as the seasons shift. We are not sure if these will be as consistent over the next few weeks.

It's been too hot to grow Tomatoes locally so we are sourcing these from further south. They are still tasty, although more of a round variety rather than truss. We look forward to the weather cooling down for Noosa Reds to be back on!

Zucchini is another one that should be in abundant supply but isn't! We can still source it thankfully, it's just not as abundant as expected for this time of year. 

Our Sweet Potato suffered intermittent rain damage these last few weeks so we are hopeful things improve and they are back to their usual tasty supply. 

Corn and Green Capsicum is on for the summer! Yummo! Roast these up on the BBQ!

Celery is certainly another out of season item at this time of year. We are sourcing this from NSW, however it is priced high due to a limited supply :( 

OnionsPotatoes & Beetroot seem to be holding well in terms of consistent supply which is great! Pumpkin is certainly abundant too so enjoy that roasted for summer salads! 

Finally, leafy greens have surprised me this summer. We are still getting a good supply of SaladLettuce, Spinach and more! Kale has been intermittent but seems to back on for now :) Parsley is out of season for a while too!

It's just too hot to grow these on our farm over summer but we look forward to the changing seasons and getting prepped for our farm plan for this year. 


As always, if you have any questions about seasonal availability simply shoot us a message or ask our team at market 

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