Our new Core Value 🤓

Our new Core Value 🤓

Feb 15, 2023

We used the start of this new year to reflect on who Good Harvest really is, and what our core values are. 

For those who don't know, for the last 8 years since 2014, we have been guided by three core values: 


Community is the reason we do what we do. This is where the warm fuzzy feeling happens!

This extends to:

the community of families we are blessed to feed each week through our home delivery service and at local farmers markets; 

the community of amazing farmers we work with and support by providing a consistent demand for produce, paid at a fair price, with respect to the seasons; 

the community of team  we are blessed to have work alongside us in achieving our vision, relentlessly principled individuals who will always take it to the 'wow' level to service our customers.  


Our work is so much more rewarding when we can share it with our community. We work openly and honestly in all we do.

It's why:

our farm is Certified Organic (OFC0823);

we publish our farm harvests via our newsletters and social media so you can know what you are buying from where;

the growers we work with are also Certified Organic, or we have a long term relationship with them and can be assured they follow organic practices (ask us if you want to know more about this);

we publish the grower and certification number on all products at markets. 


True integrity is about being kind, trustworthy, hardworking and responsible.  A great man once said:

"Integrity is the essence of everything successful" 
Buckminster Fuller

For us this means:

doing the right thing always;

living aligned with our values;

treating each other, and the earth with respect;

going above and beyond to feed our community each week.


And now in 2023 we welcome our newest core value... 


So much of what we do At Good Harvest is centred on building knowledge and education, not only for ourselves, but also our community.

We do this through:

regular farm updates and helping people learn more about our food system;

developing awareness of seasonality and how to buy and store produce effectively; 

hosting workshops on the farm so you can grow your own at home;

connecting with our experts in the community to expand our breadth of knowledge and skills so we can grow the absolute best organic produce

 👏   👏   👏  

Feels so obvious when we talked about it, of course we value education. It's our way of leaving a legacy for future generations. You can expect to see us really focus on this as we embody education and the love of learning and growing in our daily activities. 

On that basis, what would you like to learn more about? Perhaps it's about how to grow veggies at home, or maybe it's about how to connect kids with their food source.  You might like to really deeply understand how to store produce correctly for maximum shelf life and nutrition, or how to use up old veggies in stocks and soups and more. 

Comment to let us know your needs and lets work together on this core value 💚