Welcome to the Harvest!

You've set up a recurring order for a Build Your Own Box!


This means you've been able to save 10% on your Build Your Own Box price, and make sure you've got fresh produce in your fridge and fruit bowl either weekly or fortnightly.

Here's how to get yourself set up to manage your upcoming orders....


Be sure to get access to your customer account

If you haven't already you'll need to activate your customer account. Logging in will be super important to help you be able to get the most out of your order.

Click below and get access to your account using a one time code.


Keep an eye out on your emails early Monday or Tuesday!

You've set an order on our subscription system to process either a weekly or fortnightly order.

Subscription orders auto process on a Tuesday 8pm for delivery Thursday, or Wednesday 8pm for delivery Friday.

You will get an email reminder from us on the Monday or Tuesday morning with a link to login to your customer account. This is where you can login and make changes to your choices each week if needed.

Use this time to adjust your order, add extras, or skip the order before system processing time 8pm Tuesday or Wednesday.

Order processing times and delivery days

Order processing and cut off times vary depending your delivery day/area.

Order cut off times for Thursday deliveries

Bread Orders Close- Tuesdays 10am
Subscription Orders Close- Tuesdays 7pm
All Other Orders Close- Tuesdays 11pm

Order cut off times for Friday deliveries

Bread Orders Close- Wednesdays 10am
Subscription Orders Close- Wednesdays 7pm
All Other Orders Close- Wednesdays 11pm

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I skip my order?

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