Refer new friends to Good Harvest & get rewarded when they make a purchase!

Navigate to the Loyalty Program button bottom left of the screen.

Scroll down to Refer a Friend section

You can refer in three ways:

By email

No need to copy the code, just click on email.

Enter your friends info on this pop up and write a personalised message.

Click send email.

NOTE this will only work if your friend has never ordered or created an account with us before.

Share via Facebook and Twitter

Or use our awesome little referral cards!

Have some fun and tick the little boxes, as well as write a personalised note.

These are great fun and an awesome way of starting a conversation with someone about the referral.

Please note that you must still login online and send them an email referral to ensure that the process captures their details so they can get the discount code.

Once they complete a successful verified pruchase, the system will send you an email with your reward/discount code.