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The only way to change to a Build Your Own Box is to remove your existing box type and add the Build Your Own Box as a new product.

1. Click 'View Your Next Order'

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where is shows "You may also like". Click Browse all products

3. Wait for the page to load and search Build (or scroll down to find the box in the list of products)

4. Click ADD + Choose your size and frequency, and then make your selections for your box.

5. When you have made the total required choices, all other items will fade out.

6. Click ADD to ORDER

7. Veirfy this has added the box to your upcoming order. Navigate back to Your next order.

8. Go ahead now to remove the other box type (or you'll end up with both).

9. Scroll down and click Cancel subscription

10. Enter reason as "removing product" - Scroll down and click next and then Cancel Subscription

11. Confirm the next order show your new box type only.