Its easy to skip your order once you are logged in.

1. Log in to your customer portal and navigate to View your Next Order

2. Click the Skip button on the top of the next order.

3. You'll then see a message above the order that says: This order is skipped. Unskip to make changes or go to your next scheduled order on (date).

4. If you want to unskip a delivery, click the Unskip button.

By using the SKIP THIS ORDER button it will skip all products in the delivery - please note sometimes it takes a little while to process depending how many products you have in your order.

Verify this has worked by clicking View Upcoming orders

You can also skip future orders view the View Upcoming orders tab. Just scroll to the date you wish to skip and click SKIP.

You'll see it is skipped as the buttons will change from EDIT & SKIP, to UNSKIP

Click Below to watch our instructional videos