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As the season changes and the days start getting shorter and cooler, citrus is the perfect way to add some extra sunshine and warmth to your diet. Bright, colourful, filled with nutritious goodness, gorgeous zesty fragrance and packed full of powerful health benefits.

The sweetness of citrus actually comes from cooler weather and frosty mornings

Good Harvest citrus comes from the lovely Neil and Tanya Richards who run the Big Orange Café (yes there is a big Orange) at Gayndah. Neil and Tanya are committed to fully organic methods, however as they are not certified organic, you’ll find them listed as spray free in status. There are no fungicides, insecticides or wax dips used on any of the fruit (yes that happens regularly with fruit!). 

The fruit is picked when ripe, so no artificial ripening rooms or long-term cold storage. Interestingly this natural process can lead to green tinges on the skin which isn’t indicative of the ripeness but a natural colour variation of the fruit.

What we love about Neil and Tanya’s farm is the way they make the most of natural processes, and also use innovative and integrative practices to support soil and tree health and fruit production. For example, instead of using toxic chemicals to control weeds and grasses, they grow pumpkins under the trees instead! They don’t spray for fruit fly but instead have hanging vinegar traps in the trees to help keep things under control. 



Citrus comes into season locally in Autumn and Winter, the perfect timing to give our bodies a hit of vitamin C and immune boosting goodness ahead of the cold and flu season. Isn’t eating seasonal amazing, nature serving us up exactly what we need at the perfect time!  

 During citrus season, Good Harvest make a weekly 6 hour round trip out to Neil and Tanya’s farm to ensure we get the freshest fruit, including mandarins (imperial and Ellendale), oranges (navel and valencia), grapefruit (pink and yellow), blood oranges, lemonade fruit, lemons and limes).


Nutritional Info & Storage Tips

In general, Citrus fruits are rich in multiple nutrients such as vitamin C, flavonoids, and fibre for vascular protection, reduced inflammation, improved gastrointestinal function and health, and prevention for conditions like diabetes, cancer and neurological disease.

Mandarins are high in Vitamins A, C, B1 and B2, as well as in calcium and potassium, pro-vitamin A, free organic acids, phytoncides, lectins, and mineral salts.


Mandarins can be stored in both, room temperatures or in your fridge. The difference lays on how long they'll keep fresh and how you prefer them.

At a room temperature, on your bench top and away from the sunlight, they will last for about a week.

In the fridge, they will be ok for a couple of weeks.


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