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Our Certified Organic Mixed Salad is like no other. Good Harvest Organic Farm grown, picked, packed and delivered from our farm to your family. Our lettuce varieties are all hand planted, hand harvested and hand washed – a lot of love and care is given throughout the entire process.

Mixed salad greens are a great addition to any dish and don’t always need to be used in salads. They can stand alone as a main dish for lunch or dinner or are the perfect side to accompany a vast array of other dishes. Enjoy year round by changing the vegetables and fruits (yes fruits) they are served with. Think seasonal Autumn and Winter root vegetables either roasted or grilled in the cooler months or tossed with refreshing cooling fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, tomato and stone fruits or pears in Summer and early Spring.  

You will find an exciting mixture of complimentary flavours in our certified organic salad mix.

Red Oak. Lady in red. Red Oak is known for its striking deep burgundy leaves. It has a soft buttery texture and an mellow, nutty and slightly sweet flavour.  

Green Oak. She’s a little bit fancy, her deeply lobed leaves connect to a central base, branching out in all directions, before fanning out in a rosette shape adorned by many curls and frills. That’s perhaps why she is also known as fancy lettuce. Green Oak leaves have a mild, sweet, and nutty flavour, and with age, some bitterness may become present in the mature leaves.

Baby Cos. A deliciously crisp and crunchy addition to the mix. Cos has a high water content which makes it a perfect pairing to the richness of a Caesar Salad.

Buttercrunch. A total sweetie, and also known by the names of butterhead or butter lettuce, it has beautifully soft, delicate leaves and a smooth texture. We call it our secret weapon as it is wonderfully sweet and won’t be found in any commercial salad mix varieties due to the extra care required whilst growing and harvesting.

Availability: Grown and harvested throughout Autumn, Winter and Spring. 

Home Gardener's you can grow your own varieties of lettuce throughout summer as it is easier for pest management. We recommend an area shaded from the full force of the harsh QLD afternoon. Space your plants around 20 – 25cm and water in your with some half strength seaweed feed. 

Nutritional Info & Storage Tips

Low in calories and still packing a good mix of essential dietary nutrients, such as vitamins (vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium and fibre, minerals, and high amounts of water. A delicious and powerful combination for a healthy diet.

Maintain your Mixed Salad fresh by adding a paper towel into the bag to absorb the extra moisture.

Additionally, you can move your Mixed Salad to a container placing it on a paper towel which will help with moisture.

Whilst your mixed salad is pre-washed we always recommend washing your salad prior to use. Wash only what you need per use rather than washing the entire lot before storage, this will help it maintain longer shelf-life.

Don't wait too long to enjoy your Mixed Salad as it takes between 3 to 5 days to get the best  out of it.


Delicious mixed salad recipes coming soon. 

Delivery Information

Delivery charges vary depending location, with a minimum order value of $60.

All deliveries are made Thursdays or Fridays depending your postcode.

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