A warm welcome to Craig - our Qualified Functional Nutritionist

A warm welcome to Craig - our Qualified Functional Nutritionist

Hi I am Craig and recently joined the Good Harvest team I thought it was time to say hi and introduce myself, chances are I may have already met you at the Good Harvest Farm store, the Marcoola or Noosa Farmers Markets. 

I thought I would take the opportunity to share a little background on me and what I hope to bring to you, our valued Good Harvest family. 

Being a father to two healthy young boys and a husband to my beautiful wife, I know how important rich, organically grown, locally produced food is for my family.  Food for our family is more than just calories or a daily chore.  It is a social time, and more importantly, it is our chance to ensure that we are well nourished and our minds and bodies have the essential nutrients that only organically grown produce can adequately provide.

For many reasons I see food as medicine. Having been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in 2009, I know just how true this statement is. Since then, I have experienced the profound effect that food can have on the mind and the body, from its deep nutritional value to its anti-inflammatory properties, food has become my medicine.

From that time, I have utilised food to power through triathlons, on mountain bike adventures and now as a qualified functional nutritionist, with further in-depth studies into the microbiome and the GAPS protocol I hope to pass on some of my experience and knowledge, around food nutrition, health and well- being.

As your dedicated Functional Nutritionist, I will be sharing with you how organic food is superior in nourishing and healing the body, seasonal eating, dietary tips and recipes, what foods to avoid and why, and even busting open some long-held myths around certain food groups. 

So please, feel free to say hi next time you are at the markets or topping up on your organic fruit and veg at the Coolum Beach farm store. I am happy to share recipes and nutritional info on your favourite produce. 

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