Know your farmer, know your food

Know your farmer, know your food

Nov 16, 2022

There's so many benefits to supporting your farmer directly.

Let's explore what it means to support Good Harvest, and the ways this support reaches deep into our community. 

1. Freshest produce

Of course, you get access to the freshest organic produce around, literally 24 hours from farm to plate....This is in stark contrast to a typical supermarket item that can be anywhere up to 8 months old and travelled miles and countries to get to you. 

You will taste the difference, and feel it too. Food that is eaten soon after harvesting is higher in nutritional content than something that has been stored or transported. 

2. Building a connected food system

At Good Harvest, our goal is to build a more connected food system, where it's the norm to know your farmer. Relationships are at the core of what we do, it's why we work so hard to give you the best customer service possible. When we all work together we are all supporting the growth of the local food system, and the local community. 

3. Circular economy

Keeping the local economy strong means supporting each other in business too. We chose local suppliers for trades and services, meaning our community wins. 

4. Growing an amazing team

How lucky we are to have such an amazing team that help us to delivery high quality organic produce each week. These rockstars absolutely LOVE what they do! 

5. Helping those in need 

When you order direct from us, you're also supporting us to provide fresh produce direct to our friends at OzHarvest. Every week we deliver produce to OzHarvest so they can continue to support families in need across the coast 👏  
We also work together with two charitable organisations - one in Uganda and the other in Nepal, to provide education and support to a couple of wonderful kids, Sonika and Enock. 
6. Changing the way we consume food
Nourishing the planet is part of everything we do at Good Harvest. When you support organic farming methods that in turn support a healthy environment, you're making better choices for the planet, and your family. We look to the future full of hope for days ahead where organic regenerative farming is the norm, and using chemicals to grow food is no longer considered acceptable.  
🍎   🍎   🍎
At Good Harvest we talk a lot about the ripple effect, knowing that for everything we do, there are impacts felt by many. Your support means we can continue to help feed, clothe and educate those in need, and provide employment for a whole bunch of amazing people - yay you!