September Seasonal Update

September Seasonal Update

Sep 01, 2023

We are officially in Spring!

This means that we are transitioning from winter to summer crops on the farm, and you will start to see different items available in your boxes and at the farmers markets as well. Bring on the summer fruits we all love!

On Our Farms

September means ginger planting. We time this to fit in with the moon cycles so our plants have the best chance of growing! 

It's important to get the ginger in the ground before it gets too hot so that we can take advantage of the beautiful, long growing season here on the Sunshine Coast.

Planting the ginger is always a big feat and requires all hands on deck as we put each piece in the ground by hand, but in the end when we get to harvest it's all worth it!

 For more on our ginger adventures check out our updates over on our YouTube channel


Strawberries have been absolutely phenomenal these last few weeks! Since our certified organic strawberries are all hand picked on small plots of land, supply is limited, but we don't think you can find better berries! Unfortunately these will be finishing up over the next couple of weeks as the weather warms up.

We still have late season citrus available from Neil and Tanya out at Gayndah! September usually means supply will start slowing down soon and we will switch to southern growers. Be sure to get in and enjoy the sweet Queensland oranges, grapefruit, and mandarins while they last.

Avocados are still looking absolutely beautiful, and we have an abundance of both Wurtz and Hass varieties.

Lovely apples continue to be available. We'll be enjoying a variety of late season apples for the next few months until the next season apples arrive, likely early in the new year. Varieties we're enjoying include Pink Lady, Galas and some stellar Granny Smiths.

Bananas continue to be in good supply as well as yummy papaya! Perfect for the warmer weather that's on the way :) Fingers crossed we see some blueberries coming on soon! Its too early to talk Mangoes but let's just say we are hopeful for a good season! 


This year continues to impress with the sheer abundance of veggies!

We're enjoying absolutely beautiful silverbeet, curly kale, black kale, choi, baby spinach, plus lettuce and salad!

Rocket, salad and spinach from our farm are still available, but as the weather warms up these tender greens will start to become less available. We're also still harvesting herbs such as dill and coriander, and some lovely late season broccoli and celery. Carrots, both orange and yellow, are looking beautiful and crispy.

We have a consistent supply of tomatoes from Noosa Reds, but again as the weather warms up that will be slowing down. Cucumber, zucchini, beans, capsicum and eggplant are looking beautiful and these will increase in supply as summer rolls in.

There is a limited supply of cabbages and brassicas in general, but for the time being we have beautiful broccoli and tasty brussel sprouts on offer.

We're still harvesting yummy dutch cream potatoes from our farm out at Woombye, and we have wonderful sweet potatoes, beetroot, and pumpkins available too!


Of course if you have any questions about seasonal availability simply shoot us a message or ask our team at market :)

Remember that it's common in transitional seasons to have some gaps in supply, but rest assured they will be short lived.

Thank you for supporting your local farmers!