Why Eat Local?

Why Eat Local?

Jul 13, 2021

We have all heard the term "eat local" but do you know why we should eat local and the benefits making this choice has?

Let's take a look at just some of the reasons eating locally is important both for you, your health and your local community.

1. It's good for the environment - Less travel kms = less emissions contributing to improved carbon footprint.
2. Higher nutritional content = buying from a local farmer means you receive the food as close to harvest as possible - Did you know Good Harvest has a turnaround of 24 hours from the farm to you!?
3. Good for the local economy - promotes local jobs and keeps local money within the community.
4. Good for the soil - Local food encourages diversification of local agriculture - no monocrops = healthy soil = higher nutritional value of food.
5. Connection - this is a big one for Good Harvest and our highest priority. We want our local community to feel connected to their farmers and their food source and harvest a deeper appreciation for organic produce.
6. More variety and opportunity to try more diverse foods. Eating local and seasonal means a far greater opportunity to try new produce and avoid getting stuck in a routine of the same fruit and vegetables.
7.Healthier ecosystems - supporting local farming helps to maintain green spaces and farmland in your area. Supporting farms who support sustainable practices will help to boost biodiversity, protect pollinators which are vital to healthy ecosystems and promote clean air, water and soil.
8. It's easy! There are so many opportunities to eat locally; Check out your local farmers markets and speak to vendors about where the produce is coming from. Find out how it is grown. Dine at farm-to-table eateries who source from local farmers. Subscribe to Good Harvest seasonal produce delivery - it doesn't get any easier than that! Farm to door less than than 24 hours from harvest!