We absolutely love growing organic food. It’s our passion and nothing makes us happier to be able to feed our community each week.

When you join Good Harvest as a subscriber, you become part of an awesome revolution that takes care of the earth, the farmer, and the consumer (you and your family).
“Hi, I’m Mick, founder and farmer at Good Harvest Organic Farm. Together with my partner Kelly, daughter Alex, and the rest of the team, we have a big goal to feed over 1000 families a week with organic produce from our farm and other organic farms”.
Our farm at Woombye uses completely chemical free farming practices. We also work with a range of other local organic farms to bring you the cleanest, freshest and most nutritious produce available each week.

We are guided by two distinct aims, one underpinning value and 16 operating principles:

At Good Harvest Organic Farm we aim to: 
  • Empower the individual to make conscious decisions 
  • Inspire passionate and dynamic communities of change 

The foundation for all of this is that:

We believe integrity is the essence of everything

You can enjoy the spoils of our harvests by ordering a weekly or fortnightly organic farm box home delivered via our website, or you may like to visit us at the Kawana Farmers Market Saturdays from 6am (Sportsman Parade), Marcoola Market Saturdays from 8am (Lorraine Ave), and Sundays 6am at the Noosa Farmers Market (Weyba Downs Rd).

Our story so far

2009 - Mick founded the Goodliving Food Cooperative with the goal of bringing together local farmers to feed to local community. Starting at Mudjimba, a group of ten people shared produce that Mick collected from local farmers.

2012 - Now operating at over 5 locations and feeding up to 100 families a week, the Goodliving Food Cooperative was officially registered as a Cooperative in QLD. One of the first entities to recieve full registration under the new legislative structure.

2014 - February - Mick started a Uni Market, offering a weekly pop up market stall selling organic produce to students at the Univeristy of the Sunshine Coast. It was also around this time a whole of co-op decision was made to close the food co-op due to rising costs, logistics issues and lack of labour/time.

2014 - August - Mick and Kelly, together with a couple of team members took over the old Organic Apple store at Marcoola by the beach, and turned it into a full organic wholefoods marketplace under the name Good Harvest.

2015 - June - Mick began farming his land at Mount Ninderry, growing abundant greens, cucumber, zucchini, and many more. He also planted a few fruit trees with the aim of a fruit forest in a few years time.

2015 - Late 2015/early 2016 Good Harvest began delivering mixed seasonal boxes to Uni students and customers all over the coast. All while managing a 7 day retail store. Phew! Things were busy.

2016 - November 7th - A phone call from the police at 1:17am woke Mick and Kelly to tell them their beloved retail store was on fire. The next few days and weeks were a blur. The entire shop had been destroyed by fire. The fire investigation crew advised that either through an accident or deliberate act, the cardboard bin at the rear of the store had ignited, and the flames had taken hold of the shop. Nothing was salvaged. Unsure what to do or where to go, Mick and Kelly took a few days to travel to a friends wedding in Tasmania. It was during this time that Mick realised how much he loved farming, and how he wanted to do more to feed the community. During this whole time Good Harvest was still delivering Organic Farm Boxes to the community each week, which is what helped reignite the passion for organic local food.

2017 - February - Good Harvest begins trading at the Hinterland Harvest Market each and every Saturday. The farm is getting a lot of love on new land leased at Woombye while at Ninderry the natural spring has dried up and water is scarce. Weekly deliveries continue to grow!

2017 - December - what a year!!! Over 2 fields are full of veggies on the farm, growing everything from potatoes to greens to unique exotic veggies for local restaurants. Good Harvest is feeding more and more community members each week, and the weekly markets are so much fun! 

2018 - July - Good Harvest begins trading at Noosa Farmers markets each Sunday. Our community grows!!! 

2018 - September - We head south to feed the community via the Kawana Farmers Market each Saturday, now offering four different ways to enjoy organic produce grown on our farm and from other organic farms. 

2018 - December - We join up with the team at Marcoola Markets to host a weekly Saturday Farmers Market right by the seaside. 

2019 - January - We adopt two goats to help with our weeds! They eat a lot of good things off the farm and sometimes get into the potato patch!

2019 - March- We erect shade houses to grow greens in the heat and a place for our seedlings to germinate and get stronger before planting. 

2019 - May - The farm is bursting at the seams! We begin planning for our second farm near Coolum. We also adopt more goats! A mum and her two little ones :) Goat Family count is now 5 :)

2019 - June - Our weekends change a little due to the closure of the Nambour Market. The good news is that we now offer fully stocked fruit and veg during the week at The Wellness Mill Nambour (Bury Street). 

2019 - September - Yay! We opened a mid week market with our friends from Yandina butchery, The Wonky Loaf, and Soul Fish Seafoods. Every Wednesday in our warehouse at 7/25 Quanda Rd Coolum Beach. 
2019 - December - WE DID IT! we reached our goal of feeding 1000 families a week - that's a whole lot of veggies and a whole lot of happy, healthy people out there, thriving in our community. Remember, when we grow, everyone grows. Its win-win for all. Lots of happy Christmas feasts for all!
2020 - January - Ugh it's been so hot and dry and the farm has been resting. At these times of year it's really tough to grow much at all, not just due to the heat, but it's been dry and our dams are low. The bugs also have a veritable feast on all our leafy greens. Thankfully we have some awesome farmers we partner with locally and further south to bring you continued supply of fresh organic produce. 
2020 - February - The world seems very topsy turvy with fires and continued drought. We make plans to plant but regularly have to push things back until things cool down some more. 
2020 - March - Ok now the world has gone crazy! COVID-19 hits us all hard in our little community (though thankfully not as hard as some areas around the world). People are starting to realise that eating fresh organic produce is one of the best things you can do to protect your health. Our home delivery service is in high demand and we almost reach the 1000 families milestone again! We look forward to the days when we are helping this many families a week regularly to experience health 💚 Farmers markets are still operating with lots of changes and precautions in place. April brings us much the same.
2020- May - things in our area start to ease and thankfully the farm is in full swing! There's so much produce in the ground and being harvested. It brings such a collective sigh of relief to everyone we get to feed. Knowing there is abundance means people can focus on continuing to be healthy and well in the lead up to winter. 
2021 - Mick Dan awarded Australian Organic Farmer of the Year at the Australian Organic Industry Awards
2021 - Good Harvest Organic Farm awarded Food & Agribusiness of the Year in the Sunshine Coast Business Awards 

About Mick & Kelly 

Mick Dan, founder and owner of Good Harvest Organic Farm began his food journey at a young age, growing up in the lush Mary Valley on his grandfathers Pineapple Farm. Later, he had the chance to travel extensively throughout the world and discovered the joy and togetherness that food bought to the many communities he visited.

Mick holding a box

Upon returning in 2010 from his travels, he set about in essence 'replicating' what he has witnessed across the globe; farmers selling their produce direct to the community. A simple premise and one that would prove challenging in our local area. After canvassing many farmers markets, Mick finally found a farming family that would get on board with his mission and together with five families, he established the Goodliving Food Co-Operative. Kelly joined the cooperative as a member in 2012 and quickly grew to love the mission and went on to provide all levels of administrative support and operational management for the co-op.

Fast forward 3 years, countless local farmers and producers, 80-100 families a week, and 5 locations, the co-op was officially registered as a Cooperative under the new QLD Cooperatives act. In 2014, a group decision was made to deregister the cooperative. Around the same time, Mick travelled through Indonesia and realised he wanted to do more with his mission. 

Returning, he set up a weekly food market at the University of the Sunshine Coast where he lectured at the time (and still does to this day). This was a roaring success and the students were grateful for quality organic local produce at affordable prices.  Making the most of an opportunity, in August 2014 Mick set up Good Harvest retail wholefoods store at Marcoola. 

This small shop on the beach at Marcoola was a hub for organic wholefoods, fresh produce and grocery items, all while supporting local farmers and producers, and providing personalised service to the community.  Concurrently, Mick also purchased some land at Valdora and began growing his own organic produce fed with natural spring water.  With so much produce growing and seeing the chance to add value to the community, the team decided to offer home delivered organic farm boxes to customers. The interest in these grew quickly and the team were soon delivering these as far north as Cooroy and down the south to Little Mountain, all being packed at the humble little retail store. 

In November 2016, sadly, the retail store at Marcoola was destroyed by a fire. Thankfully no one was injured or harmed. Despite losing everything, Mick and Kelly were quick to get back on their feet and continued trading the very next week delivering the organic farm boxes- albeit being packed from a different location. Shortly after this event, Mick and Kelly took a break in Tasmania to attend a friends wedding and spent a few days sight seeing and enjoying the flavours of the region. 

During this trip they stumbled across a small scale semi urban farm that represented everything Mick has ever wanted to achieve with his farming, and aligned all of his environmental principles and ethics, together with growing amazing fresh produce. From there, they returned, revived and ready to grow Good Harvest from the ground up again. 

Fast forward to today, and the farm is looking better than ever! Now leasing land at Woombye (the Valdora farm is taking some rest at the moment), Mick has taken his organic urban farming ethos and created a space that is abundant and in complete symbiosis with the natural environment.

Supported by a great team and amazing community, Good Harvest Organic Farm produce is available to buy farm direct online, and at weekend markets. 

Finally, if you have any questions at all please get in touch with us via phone, email or say hello at the markets. 


Awards & Accolades

Sunshine Coast Food & Agribusiness of the year Australian Organic Farmer of the Year