Know Your Farmer: Denis Angelino 🍎

Know Your Farmer: Denis Angelino 🍎

May 21, 2024

Denis Angelino, our almost 80 year old apple farmer from Gran Elly Orchard in Stanthorpe, has been immersed in the art of apple cultivation since his childhood, inheriting the family legacy from his father. 

We’ve been proud to call Denis our friend since 2010 when we first started working together and have witnessed firsthand the evolution of Denis’ farm and his farming practices to beyond organic, nourishing the soil and plants with a range of high-quality inputs, including biodynamics and essential oils and minerals.

In 1978, Denis made a pivotal decision to transition to organic practices, driven by health concerns stemming from conventional pesticides not only for himself but also his late dear Mum. Despite the challenges posed by managing pests naturally, Denis remains steadfast, utilizing remedies like saline solutions, minerals, and molasses to fortify his trees and safeguard their vitality.

His expertise extends beyond the renowned Granny Smith and Red Delicious varieties, encompassing a diverse array of apples like Summer Dels, Pink Ladies, and Crockton Flats, alongside a symphony of peaches, nectarines, and pears, each celebrated for their distinctive flavours (if the birds don’t get to eat them first!).

Among his offerings, Denis's organic apple juice stands as a testament to the orchard's purity, free from any additives, this one is a favourite with the kids for sure!

What truly ignites Denis's passion is the connection he forges with patrons who appreciate the fruits of his labour, validating a lifetime devoted to nurturing nature's gifts. Denis embodies authenticity. He still delivers fruit in the Southwest region in his 1960s International truck, boasting a staggering mileage of 2 million miles.

Together we’ve spent many days travelling to pick up fruit from Denis and enjoying a simple lunch together, alongside some fun dancing in the barn (Denis is an amazing dancer and will jump at the chance to show off his skills!). 

🍏 We hope you enjoy his apples as much as we do! 🍎